REVIEW: Japanese Luxurious Utena Jelly Sheet Mask

REVIEW: UTENA Golden Jelly Mask RO (Rose) Hydrate and Tone (aka Premium Presser Golden Jule Mask Rose)

While you have heard of the wonders of the Japanese Jelly that instantly hydrates skin and leaving it with a smoother appearance, have you tried the Jelly Mask that hails from the country of the rising sun?

Imported by the owner of a hot stone therapy spa at Far East Plaza, instead of a beauty house, this wonderful face mask comes in five formulations. Below is the review of the Golden Jelly Mask RO (Rose).

How it works: Douses skin with a generous amount of jelly serum that hydrates and softens skin.
What does it use: Rose extract, hyaluronic acid, collagen, royal jelly extract firm as they hydrate skin.
What’s great about it: Free of Alcohol, mineral oil and UV absorber.

The scent of rose is almost absent to me. The lovely mask is easy to put on and what I love about it is the flap for the eyes to hydrate and firm the skin around the eyes as well.
The comfortable mask instantly brightens skin while leaving it more hydrated instantly. Please see before after image below.

Available at Ganbanyoku Hot Stone Therapy spa at #02-29 Far East Plaza. Tel: 62089367

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FOOD/TRAVEL Seoul-Food 2017

On my 2nd trip to South Korea, I stayed in Goyang in the outskirts of Seoul. 

Following is a random list of some snacks or food I have tried:
Japanese traditional red bean paste bread from Hyundai food street.

Review: the bread is very soft and chewy.
Red bean bun: the red bean paste is much sweeter than those from Home plus hypermart.

I bought the bun on the left. Not sure what it is, the sweet paste has a light taste of strawberries.

These are the buns I bought.

Seaweed Snack
Found in Home Plus.

This seaweed-almond sandwich snack is an extension of seaweed snack variety. Perhaps a better choice to the simple seaweed snack to fill your stomach until next meal time.

Auntie Anne Hot Dog
Found in Hyundai food street

Costing 3,500KW this sausage snack is yummy and among the cheapest than the Korean snacks at the food street that can fill my stomach. Interesting find as Auntie Anne in Singapore only has non-meat prezels.

Palaizo Ice Cream
Found in Hyundai food street
This black rice ice cream has a light creamy texture while the rice grains offers a subtle crunchy texture, multi-textured ice cream. 3,500KW single scoop.

EVENT/TREND Beauty must-haves to look fresh and enhance your beauty

Guerlain Meteorites Happy Rosy Glow Collection

Check out how to enhance your beauty and look exceptionally fresh and healthy with this limited edition range and useful tips from the Guerlain makeup artist.
Details in the video below:

Getting your base makeup right for better results

                       Glowing naturally

Available at Guerlain counters in Singapore while stocks last.
The besuty and her magician

Makeup artists show guests how the products 
can enhance their beauty

Finger food for beauties
Mild barley in pretty pink to blend with the theme

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SHOP/TRIAL Holiday Must-Haves from ANNA SUI

Anna Sui launch their Holiday 2016 Collection
Looking back into intricate and vintage detailing married with modern technology, the collection includes products like lip plumping colour that has both properties of lip glosses and lipsticks, that leave lips kissably smooth and soft.

This twist and apply pen smoothens and plumps up lips and leaves a coat of longerlasting colour on the lips.

Moisture Capsule Oil immediately moisturises and softens lips. Shield Oil locks in moisture and leaves a thick layer of even, protective film to plump lips, conceal lines, and deliver intense moisture.
The amino acid-derived moisture capture oil and Fit Oil keep lips soft and comfortable without any high2 shine.

Colour No 600

Colour No 300

Priced at S$12 each.
Also availabe are colourless LIP TREATMENT PEN to plump up lips and smooth out lines on the lips. Priced at S$43 each.

Should you need to do a quick check of your makeup in public, whip out an elegant mirror like this. A beautiful packaging inspired by the vibrant colours of the majestic peacock looks like an accessory in your hands to enhance your image.

Priced at S$50 each.

Packed in a golden spherical container is a melt-on-your-skin cream that gives your skin and hair a gorgeous glow.

Water-soluble polymers and Moist Emulsion add to the blendability of the cream to spread easily on the skin and moisturise skin and lock in moisture.

Paste Oil helps keep lamé clinging to the skin to add some sparkle to décolleté, arms, and hair.

Perfect for a sparkling holiday party or to add a touch of glamour to your everyday routine.

Priced at S$35 (While stocks last)

ANNA SUI COFFRET SET (Limited Edition)

Get a Makeup Box in vibrant shades of turquois inspired by the majestic peacock. Measuring W150mmxH150mmxD100mm, the box comes with an ANNA SUI Brush Lip Treatment and a Holiday Card.

Priced at S$58 per set (While stocks last)

Available at all ANNA SUI counters islandwise in Singapore.

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HEALTH Get back your youth

The anti-ageing effects of resveratrol is again being confirmed in another research paper.

In fact it was researched, produced at Jeunesse and retailing online. Get them delivered to your home @

Resveratrol found on red wine. However to
is enjoy more resveratrol benefits in red wine it is unwise to drink a whole bottle in one sitting due to the alcohol content which may affect your liver. There is, however, a way to enjoy more resveratrol healthily by taking resveratrol supplement. Jeunesse Reserve packs resvertrol levels equivalent to 14 bottles of red wine into each sachet without the alcohol content. The gel form is easy to consume and tastes like grape gel minus sugar content. It is just like enjoyimg a fruity dessert!

To find out more please go to


FOOD Having a Great Brew Any Time Of The Day with Cafe Direct

Enjoy the festivity of with award-winning Café Direct Tarrazu Terroir Roast & Ground Coffee from Toucans, Costa Rica. This 100% aromatic Arabica roast is a great treat to wake up to with its medium-bodied and sweet peachy notes.

Arabica beans are grown in high altitudes of 1,200-2,000m, which slows down the growth cycle of the coffee, allowing for more complex sugars and acids to develop for that distinct Tarrazu characteristic. Another bonus point about growing these beans in high altitudes is the need for less pesticide than usual, leading to a healthier source.

Coffee Bean Varietals
Café Direct Tarrazu Terroir coffee are from the Caturra and Catuai varietals. Caturra is a mutation of Coffee Bourbon discovered in Brazil, which has high production and is known for its good quality. The higher the altitude they are grown in, the better the quality of the coffee, but the production rate would be reduced. Catuai is a high yielding coffee plant resulting from a cross between Mundo Novo and Caturra. 
These coffee beans are grown by the farmers of the Llano Bonito cooperative.

These beans are known for their bright acidity. Coffee acidity is highly valued; sourness, however, is an extreme of acidity that can be considered as a coffee defect. It is also interesting to note that coffee acidity has a correlation with coffees grown at very high altitudes and in mineral rich volcanic soils.

Café Direct Roast & Ground Terroir Tarrazu,          2 tablespoons
Cold water, 200ml

1 Pour water into container with coffee roast
2 Leave it in container for 12 hours in room temperature
3 After 12 hours, sieve the coffee
4 Serve with ice cubes                                                                               

Method 2 with Plunger
1 Pour cold water into ground coffee
2 Leave the plunger for 12 hours in room temperature. DO NOT plunge
3 After 12 hours, plunge the coffee
4 Serve with ice cubes      

1 Boil fresh cold water (avoid reboiling water), which has more oxygen in it to release the full flavour of coffee
2 Add 1 heaped dessert spoon of Roast & Ground coffee per cup
3 Wait for the water to be just off the boil before pouring it into ground coffee to bring out the rich aroma and avoid scorching the coffee
4 Leave coffee to stand in the plunger for 4 mins before pushing down the plunger
5 Pour into cup. Add milk and sugar to taste

Cafédirect Tarrazu Terroir Roast & Ground Coffee is priced at S$10.96 per pack of 227g. Available at Cold Storage, FairPrice Finest, FairPrice Xtra, Jasons, Market Place and Redmart.

FOOTNOTE: Source of information on Caturra, Catuai and coffee acidity from and 

EVENT/POPUP STORE Check out Guerlain LPRN new fragrance and Fall Makeup at Paragon

From now till 20 October, stop by Paragon lobby for the Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire experience

In addition to the launch of the original Eau de Parfum, La Petite Robe Noire has added to it a few other fragrances and makeup line. These include:
La Petite Robe Noire Eau de Toilette
La Petite Robe Noire Couture
La Petite Robe Noire Eau Fraiche 
Created by Guerlain's in-house perfumer Thierry Wasser The La Petite Robe Noire Intense is a sweeter blend compared to its predecessors. Packed into the distinctive a deep blue La Petite Robe Noir flaon decorated by the sketch of a little black dress in Marilyn Monroe style.
The Scent
Think of:
1st whiff: cotton candy mix with fresh bergamot and the fruity blueberries 
Heart of the scent and base notes: Bulgarian rose, patchouli, white musk, sandalwood and vanilla.
Best suited for a romantic evening.
The LPRN Sophistication
Over time, a makeup line is added to Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire (LPRN) range. If you can only pack two things into your luggage, a LPRN lipstick and your favourite LPRN fragrance are all you need for an elegant you.

Mocktail that reflect the colour theme of La Petite Robe Noire Intense

LPRN has the perfect scent for every travel adventure

The Fall Collection

Latest nude lip colours for Fall

A luxurious brush that guests at the preview are said to love
Travel with the LPRN Lipsticks
6 5-Colour  eyeshadow compact are available to beautify your peepers
The LPRN foundation that helps create a flawless compleixon
Tools you need to subtly enhance your skintone
Complexion enhancers and your favourite lippy
The PopUp Store at Paragon Lobby

The Mocktail concoction area

LPRN stickers that you can pick up at the Pop Up Store

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FASHION SPECIAL Take a peek onto the world of the flower of Chanel, the Camelia

Special Peek Into Coco Chanel World of Flowers and Fragrance

"The Camellia" reveals all of the anecdotes around Mademoiselle Chanel’s favorite flower in this You Tube movie. More than just a camellia, the flower of CHANEL.

“Inside Chanel” ( looks back at the story of Gabrielle Chanel and the iconic creations that generated a legend and built the House of Chanel.

From October 13, 2016, the sixteenth chapter “The Camellia” celebrates the Chanel iconic flower. A symbol of purity and longevity in Asia, this delicate bloom inspired Mademoiselle Chanel who, from 1923, incorporated this key element into her style. This is the reason, you can pin this pretty iconic flower on your garment, use it to adorn your hairstyle, wear a suit with buttons engraved with the bloom. The camellia became one of her signature emblems and remains as the brand's creative element.

These Fall 2016-17 collection are priced from S$690 onwards.

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SHOP/EVENT ANNA SUI Launches their latest collection with renewed packaging and textures

Anna Sui Renewal Debut

Makeup colours and perfume are like watercolours to women. Playing with the colours to enhance their looks with different techniques and colours make women’s day. And this September Anna Sui offers the latest makeup shades in new textures and packaging. (Yes, gone are last year’s textures, and palettes).
This new range of cosmetics seeks to take you to a new journey evoking a sense of adventure and mystery. Here goes:

New Fragrance: Special Bouquet of sweet, deep floral refreshed by green and fruity accents with a hint of a spice.

Colour, Your Playground

Use the new Anna Sui colours with adventure and boldness. Explore the various shades, and create your own palette of shades in the magnetic holder. Think: "Whatever it is, I want to tailor it to my own style."

Anna Sui Eye & Face Colour
Anna Sui Makeup Palette 1S$21

Magnetic holder that can hold 6 of your favourite colours


limited edition Anna Sui Makeup Palette 2, S$21

Conjure an image of a garden full of flowers in the deep dark forest with this one of a kind palette holder.

Anna Sui Colour Case, S$11
If you only need one shade, check out this nifty gem. Single colour in a cute compact of its own.

The Four ranges of Anna Sui Eye & Face Colours 

Anna Sui Eye & Face Colour F Shades In Frost Stone, S$19
These three vibrant, translucent shades can be used over the eye lids and the cheeks for a hint of wash of colour:
The base uses thin, delicate matte Soft Plate Powder that blends well on the skin that enhances the skin with a fine-textured matte finish.
Soft Plate Powder and Silky Smooth Powder ensures longerlasting colour.

Anna Sui Eye & Face Colour A in Angel Feature, S$19
These two shades offer a light, fluffy texture. Slide Powder ensures easy application, while micro pearls leaves lids with fresh with sheer colour with an elegant luster.

Anna Sui Eye & Face Colour P in Satin Pearl, S$19
These five pearly pastel shades brightens eyes with a touch of subtle sparkle. Moist Powder Base and Soft-Textured Cushion Powder ensure easy blending, leave a sheen and helps eye colour stay on lids longer with minimal touching up.

Anna Sui Eye & Face Colour V in Velvet Corsage, S$19
This rich shade of blue adds depth to eye makeup. Smooth Slide Powder and clinging oil ensure even wash of colour that stays fresh and resistant to smearing through the day.

Anna Sui Lip & Face Colour G Glossy Honey, S$19

These five dual use shades can be used over cheeks and lips to leave lips glossy and skin glowing with a hint of colour.

Lips and cheeks are moisturised by Rosa Canina Fruit Extract.

You can choose to create:

Cheek Palette
Complete collection of shades purely highlighting and shading.

Lip Palette
Compile a palette of your favourite lip shades to be ready for every day to night look.

Full Make Up Palette
Compile a collection of your favourite shades for eyes, cheeks, and lips in a nifty compact.

Carry your tools close to your makeup shades stylishly with Anna Sui innovation. 

Attach your makeup brushes to your compact case.
1. Link your brushes to the new nifty compact case
2. Wipe off any remaining product with tissue paper after use.
3. To wash brushes, mix a small amount of mild soap into warm water and soak brush. Rinse off with water, and dry with a towel before air drying.
4. Replace brushes periodically as they do not perform as well even after rinsing after some time.
5. Avoid pulling or swinging the chain as this may cause the product to break.

Applicator & Brush
1. Can be set in the palette (sold separately)
2. This product contains magnet. Please keep other devices and products away that could be affected by magnetic field, such as watches and credit cards.

Retractable brush


Anna Sui Applicator & Brush, S$10
Magnetic brush that that can be attached to the case.

Anna Sui Eyebrow Liner N, S$31

Adjust the thickness of your brows, or shade your eyebrows with the different sides of the pencil.
A soft texture with emollients make drawing and blending easy. Highly clinging wax and amino acid processed powder, which repels moisture and offers lasting water- and perspiration-proof finish.
Available in three shades.

Directions of use
Simply twist to reveal the lead. Use attached brush to spread the colour and smooth out harsh lines. Not refillable.

Anna Sui Illuminating Beauty Balm SPF40PA++, S$39 25g

Smoothens skin with a light veil of colour. Light as the shade may be, however this balm quickly blends to your natural skin colour.
The Smooth Dress Powder is a multi-tasker that reflects light to correct colour and even out skin tone. Skin Fit Powder visually softens skin imperfections such as rough skin and obvious pores. It keeps you looking fresh longer as it resists sweat and sebum.
Available in two shades.

Anna Sui BB Pressed Powder SPF30PA++, S$57 9.5g

Love this sleek and slim pressed powder compact. It does not take up space in your makeup pouch, while its Cushion Powder, Smooth Dress Powder and plate powder offer a soft focus effect covering up obvious pores and uneven surfaces to leave complexion smoother with an even skin tone. Its ultra-thin UV plate powder blends effortlessly into skin and blocks out harmful UV rays. It is so light you can touch up and layer without leaving your skin cakey.
Treated with silicone it is resistant to sweat and sebum, leaving skin looking fresh through the day.
Available in three shades.
Use the brush for a softer airbrushed look
Brush sold separately. Can be attached to case like the picture above.

ANNA SUI BEAUTY MIRROR B, S$39, is a sleek compact that slips into the makeup pouch easily without taking up space.
izeH151mm×W107mm×D14mm approx

Anna Sui Autumn Collection is available from September 2016 at Isetan Scotts and BHG Bugis
Anna Sui Eye & Face Colour, S$19
Anna Sui Colour Case – Single, S$11
Anna Sui Makeup Palette Case, S$21
Anna Sui Eye Colour Brush, S$29
Anna Sui Dual Eye Brush, S$10
Anna Sui Lip Brush, S$29
Anna Sui Powder Brush, S$42
Anna Sui Eyebrow Liner, S$31
Anna Sui Illuminating Beauty Balm SPF40PA+++, S$39
Anna Sui BB Pressed Powder SPF30PA++, S$57
Anna Sui BB Pressed Powder Compact Case, S$21
Anna Sui Beauty Mirror B, S$39

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Coming up for Christmas 2016
Look out for these at the Anna Sui counters, from fragrances, hair colour and beautiful limited edition packaging.

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